Down Time Doodles

All of my crafty supplies are packed for the big move, and I have to admit... I'm going a little stir crazy. I need my fix! So what's a girl to do? Well, I thought I might turn to my extremely nerdy grade-school pastime - doodling the alphabet.

With a coffee of course. And yes, I chose my "Messtakes" mug to coordinate with my activity. Don't judge.

But, it's true. When I was younger, I would always revert to handwriting doodles if I got bored in school. I'm not sure why the alphabet became my go-to doodle, I mean there are so many other neato things to draw, but I'm kind of glad I did because handwriting is pretty great.

In fact handwriting fonts are ALL OVER the web right now, and I'm getting pretty obsessed. Mostly I get my font fixes from A Beautiful Mess and Pugly Pixel, but lately I've been itching to add my own handwriting styles to the blog. I just miiiight have to invest in a Pen Tablet....

But why should you care about any of this? Because experimenting with handwriting can be super super fun! Here's how it usually goes for me...

1. Pick an adjective or a couple of them - maybe... low and wide or tall and thin...
2. Write the alphabet in upper or lower case - don't obsess yet, just try it out
3. Take a look - which letters do I like best? which drive me nuts? why?
4. Tweak to my hearts content!

For example, below I tried a handwriting that was tall and thin. I really liked what I ended up with except for the letter a. After a little tweaking I found an a that I totally love (the bottom one there)!

If you're curious (which I'm assuming you are if you made it this far into a post about handwriting - don't worry, we'll be crazy together) my every day handwriting is the middle style in the picture below.

Also, I'm endlessly jealous of people who have beautiful cursive.

Ok, insane post about the very mundane finished! Just tell me, are you a font-aholic too? I won't tell ;)