An Addictive Collection

I may be constantly on the verge of turning into a hoarder of cute little knick-knacks from thrift stores, but I only have one true collection:

Coffee Mugs.

So today I thought I would share some favorites from my collection! (Family Alert: I love you all, but please don't only buy me coffee mugs as gifts for the rest of my life. We've all been to that place where we share a specialized interest and that's our whole identity for a few years... no fun. Love you!!)

Above are three of my favorite mugs with funny shapes. Yes, that mug has a vertebra for a handle and you can drink out of the center mug from the full half or the empty half :)

Once you're on the lookout for mugs you realize there are a shocking number of cow mugs...
Fun fact: the globe mug below is actually a global warming mug. When it heats up from the coffee inside, the continents melt away!

And finally, here are Tim and my go-to mugs. Mine is the fish and his is the monkey. Yes, mine has a little chip. The perfectionist in me hates it every time I take a sip, but the non-perfectionist in me (yes, you can have both) just thinks of Chip from Beauty and the Beast. In between is a little chalkboard mug just for balance and because it's cool. (Full disclosure: I didn't have any chalk so I added in the j loves t with an editor... it's pretty obvious and I thought I would just admit it...)

Do you have any collections? Leave a link in the comments - I would love to see them!


  1. You are on your way to Coffee Mugs Anonymous! I have a few collections. Old S&P shakers, and French wire art (I think that is the name). Those shapes you see made out of chicken wire, only smaller.

  2. the chalk thing wasn't obvious to me, until i read that i was really impressed with your cute printing ;)
    that monkey mug is ridiculous! it made me laugh. the global warming mug sounds really cool, i can't picture how it would work, i'd love to see it in action somehow!
    i don't have a collection due to the aspiring minimalist in me. i'm a pack-rat by nature, but then i go on random purges and clear out all the extra "stuff" that i don't feel i "need" but i've always wanted a quirky collection like yours.

  3. @katie, I'll see if I can find a little time to share a video of the global warming mug, that would be fun ;)

    I have to be really careful about accumulating "stuff" too! I think the thing that makes my mug collection work is 1) I'm VERY picky about letting a mug into the collection (so it doesn't get out of control) and 2) it's a collection I use every day, so it's cute to look at AND I don't have to feel guilty for it taking up a little space :)

  4. The cow mug with the cow-shaped handle... We totally used to have one of those when I was a kid. I wonder what happened to it. I guess it found its way to your house?

  5. @Kristen, that would be so funny! I guess there's no way to know for sure, but I'd like to think the world is small enough for it to happen :)