Pretty Little Things: a camera bag

Ever since I got my new camera I've been looking for a camera bag to go with it. What can I say, I'm an accessory girl!

I tried thrift stores, etsy, blog giveaways, camera stores... didn't really like anything I saw for the price. Well, I brought my camera home for the holidays (just in case) and my Dad and I had a great time going through some of his old camera equipment. It turns out he had the perfect case all along and gave it to me!!!

Look at that lovely the vintage strap... yep. And it fits my supplies perfectly :)

To give a little perspective on my camera-bag-relief...

My old case came with the camera (we got a little set on craigslist) and is super protective, but also makes me feel like I need to have it handcuffed to me at all times.

Hopefully I can figure out the camera remote I got for Christmas soon and start posting outfit pics up in here. Then you can even see how cute the camera bag is to wear :)

In other camera news... photoshop is happening for this blog any day now. Be excited.

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