Meet the New Place

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to.... [[drum roll]]... my new apartment.

As I promised yesterday, I'm going to deluge you with poorly taken pictures of my new place. If my last apartment was a white box, you might call this place my beige box. For some reason It was hard to represent the colors accurately in these photos, but, just so you know, the carpets are tan and the walls are light cream. In these photos, it all looks a little more pink than it really is.

Also, I'm still working out a lot of details for how to decorate this beast. Please feel free to offer advice.

This apartment boasts two lovely outdoor spaces. Above and below you'll see the first of them - a balcony porch that comes off of our living room. It's a liiiitle oddly shaped, but there's enough room for lots of plants and maybe a small bistro table for brunch or nightcaps. And that satellite dish? Yeah, that's going to be gone - ick.

This vast cavern is our living room. It gets TONS of natural light and even has a fireplace. You can bet your buttons that I'll be painting this room. I'm still mulling over what color to go for, so feel free to make suggestions.

The kitchen!! I'm so thrilled with the condition of this kitchen. Great neutral counters and cabinets will really let me find some sort of style for the space. In a perfect world the refrigerator and oven would match, but hey this is a rental and I have a dishwasher, so I'm not going to complain. (PS I can't spell the word refridgerator to save my life. See that?)

We also have a dining nook, so I can bring our vintage dining table out from under the bed. Yes, that's where we've kept her since there's no room for a dining table in our current place. Sadness. Photo Tip: See how it looks super blue outside and normal inside? That's a great example of how mixed light can affect your photos. To the camera, the sunlight is bluish and the dining room light is yellowish. You can adjust your settings for one or the other, but one will always look wonky. That's why it's best to avoid mixed light in your photos.

Here's our second outdoor space right off the kitchen. Very private, this space is definitely going to be cozy and perfect for hanging out with guests. I'll need to figure out some sort of cover for those ugly spigots in the middle of the floor, but that shouldn't be too hard.

When you go to head upstairs, this little half bath is right at the bottom. Heading upstairs is our WASHER AND DRYER. There's even a little storage! What? Did I die and go to heaven? This is the definition of bliss people.

The next few photos aren't glamorous, but hey this is a deluge right? This room is going to be my craft room. Can you say EeeeeEEEeeeee??? I don't really have too many solid ideas for decorating it, probably because I'm just over the moon that I'll even have one. It's not very big, but it's plenty of room for me :)

Photo Tip: These two photos were taken with only natural light. See how the outside and inside light match? In my opinion, the lighting is also just more interesting overall. Natural light for the win!

The second small bedroom will be Tim's office and occasionally the guest bedroom. It's way too small for a bed and a desk, so we're still trying to work the space planning out on that one. Any ideas?

Those two doors (still part of Tim's office) lead to a closet and a bathroom...

...this bathroom here on the left. It has an entrance to the hallway and bedroom, making it the perfect guest bathroom. Dear Person-Who-Designed-This-House, thank you for thinking that one through! The bathroom below on the right is our master bath. Can you say double sinks? Counter space? Oh yeah.

And this is our master bedroom. It's also HUGE - like comparable to the living room huge. I'm honestly a little unsure of how to fill it, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

Also, his and hers closets. One of them is a walk in. Thank you again Mr./Ms. Person-Who-Designed-This-House. Thank you.

Last, but not least, the garage. There's really nothing special about the garage except that we have one now. Hello construction projects and safe parking for Tim's cute VW Bug.

At one point between yesterday and today I had grand plans of drawing out a floor plan for you that would help this post make a little more sense. Well... it didn't happen. BUT, if you think that would be really really interesting for you or helpful, let me know and I'll get on it.

Epic post OVER.