White Box Challenge!!

Friday night Tim and I finally made it to our new apartment in UCSD's grad housing - One Miramar.
Arriving late at night might have backfired in a couple of ways. 
  1. We were exhausted (and that never helps foster a sunny outlook)
  2. It was dark, which made the apartment complex look a little like an asylum
Yeah... in the dim (and in some rooms, full spectrum florescent - ick) light, our apartment looked like a sad office lounge mixed with student housing... not a happy look. Oh yeah, and we're not allowed to paint, so that's not so great either...

We were a little bummed and discouraged, but you know what they say - just sleep on it. So we did. We blew up our air mattress (making the situation a little sadder to be honest) and tried to sleep the gloom away.

In the morning, everything looked a lot better and I've decided this will be my white box challenge!! For those of you who have a healthy relationship with HGTV (as opposed to my unhealthy, binge-like one), the white box challenge comes from Design Star, where the contestants have to create a room look starting with a stark white box of a space. Check it out here.

The only difference is my box will still have white walls in the end.
Let the games begin!!

Here's my white box!

View when you walk in

Entry way

Kitchen Bar

Inside the Kitchen

Bedroom (truly a white box and we have two of them!)

So there you have it folks - a very big challenge. BUT, already the wheels are turning and I'm feeling like this is going to be a very neat space when I'm done

Do you have any ideas for the space?

PS You'll also notice that now I have before pictures. See, I'm learning :)


  1. do you read the "smile & wave" blog? rachel posted a few house tours from their rental (they're a military family so they move a lot) where she's not allowed to paint the walls either.
    here's a quote from her living room tour: "We have always been renters so I've learned to decorate standard off-white walls with plenty of color in our textiles and furniture. We both love the character of vintage and have a collection of mid-century and industrial pieces that I've gathered in the last three or four years."
    her style reminds me of you guys, i think you'll appreciate her space.

  2. Ooh, thanks! I love her style... Just added her to my reader :)