Homeless Housewares: Adopt a Mirror!

Wicker Wall Mirror - $20

Some people are afraid of wicker because it can slip on to the farm, beach, or old lady spectrum.  I say, it's a great opportunity for texture in a space.  Take this mirror - in a fun color and in the right context it could look very modern.  At $20 it's a great price for a mirror.  Try spray painting it high gloss turquoise!

Vintage Coffee Table - $100

$100 for a coffee table is not a steal, but it's definitely within the realm of reason.  Add in the value of having a unique piece like this, and you're looking at a happy furniture situation.  OR, if you don't want to spend this much, use this ad for inspiration!  Get a vintage suitcase from a flea market and buy legs to attach (you can get cute ones from Ikea).

Shabby Chic Vanity Desk - $140

This isn't the kind of piece you just buy on a whim, but if you're looking for adorable storage, this could be perfect for you!  And don't get stuck picturing this in a bedroom - it could be in a craft room or as a catchall station in your entry way or mud room.  So here's the fun part.  You may think "um Jen, giant missing mirror there - no thank you..." BUT it's a great opportunity!!!  You could... 1. buy a new mirror 2. paint behind it with chalk board paint 3. wrap the mirror frame with twine and clip pictures to it 4. back the frame with cork or fabric! Cute, crafty, and very functional.

Mid Century Wood Dresser - $90

Now this is a pretty nice deal.  If you are looking for a dresser this could be your guy.  Treat the wood with a little TLC (use this tutorial from Brickhouse) and it will shine.  I'm jealous of whoever gets this one :)

*to find these pieces, search the San Diego craigslist furniture listings using the titles above. Hopefully you can snatch these up before someone else does!