Homeless Housewares: adopt some chairs!

"Gorgeous Looking" Wood Desk Chair - $25

I love the look of a dinning set with mixed chairs. If I had room in my apartment, this baby would be mine for just such a project. At first glance, this chair might look a little dark and drab, but with easy DIY reupholstery it would brigten up and match any room! If you've never reupholstered before, chair cusions are the perfect place to start. Still nervous? Check out all of the great tutorials on the web.

House Cleanup - Make an offer

I hope beyond hope that somebody adopts this chair. Clearly these are motivated sellers, and with reupholstering, this chair would be AMAZING! This might not be a DIY reupholstery, but there's so much potential here it's worth shelling out the cash. If you see posts on CL with titles like "House Cleanup" and prices like "make an offer", pounce. These are people who are more interested in getting stuff out of there house than in making a giant profit, so you're about to get a great deal!

Comfortable Chairs - $40

Ok I know - orange. But, I wanted to post this for two reasons.
  1. If you took the arm slip covers, the matching pillow, little matching throw on top off, then cut off the skirt, this piece would look so modern and slick! Talk about a statement for a room (just don't put it in a room painted orange too - let it shine on its own).
  2. This seller is posting two chairs, but will sell them individually for $40. You might be searching for the perfect accent chair and this could be the one... BUT they never said the word "chair" (singular) in their whole post! If you're only searching for a "chair" you would have totally missed it. Always use singular and plural searches in CList.

Solid Wood Dresser with Mirror - $90

This could be a very special DIY. I've wanted card catalogue furniture for a LONG TIME. But it can be very expensive and isn't easy to come by. Who says you can't make your own? The way this dresser is embellished on the front looks an awful lot like mini drawers… Just drill a few holes and add the hardware with a few cute typewritten lables and you would be all set! Just be sure the holes from the existing hardware could be covered by your new, cute, card catalogue ones.

*I don't sell these things - I just think they're great buys with a lot of potential. Hopefully you're inspired to search your local craigslistings, OR to find these pieces, search the San Diego craigslist furniture listings using the titles above. Hopefully you can snatch these up before someone else does!