Pretty Small Things: vase and playing cards

Because no cross country trip is complete without at least a little antiquing, Tim and I were very excited to find that Denver hosts "Antique Row." Oh yes... And while many of the stores were oriented toward serious collectors (aka more expensive), there were several stores for "we collect all things pretty!" shoppers.

We got...

1. Small Brass Bird Cage from Frontier Gallery - $20: this was fair, BUT the guy was really not very nice and he was selling this for a friend. Most of the stuff in the store was gun and more frontier related.
2. Brass Vase from Antique Exchange - $10: they were suuuper nice. Highly recommend!
3. Reclaimed Window Frame also from Antique Exchange - $35: no picture of this right now, but we have plans that I'll definitely share soon.
4. Vintage Playing Cards from Packrat Antiques - $5 for 25 of them: These were really fun and will make a cute and unique art piece.

I promise to post pictures when they're in our new apartment as soon as I can :)

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  1. Cute!

    All very you and Tim.

    Missing you!