Pretty Small Things: Metallic Monday!

I may have a new favorite antique store of all time.  The Antique Corral.  (They don't have a website, but their info is here.) On our way to the Grand Canyon, Tim and I decided to stop and I'm ever so happy we did. Yes, yes I am.

Look at all of that fabulousness. And it's only the outside. Inside, I was like a little kid: "Tim look!!" "Oh my gosh, over here" "Tim... I can't handle this... too. much. awesome..."

A giant variety of vintage, antique, kitsch, western, you name it
Very fair prices

Prices are fair, but not mega steals
We didn't have more time to explore
We didn't have a truck to haul massive amounts of awesome stuff

We realized early on that we had to set a budget, because we could have easily spend $1000 there. So, here are a few of the pretty things we ended up buying. (I'm going to do my best to remember the prices.)

1. Some sort of oil can - $10: I'm going to use this as a vase. I love the bits of rust, which will contrast nicely next to some fresh flowers.
2. Decorative Box - $12: This was on a shelf arranged by type of metal. Copper (gasp!), brass (drool!), and sterling silver (swoon...).

3. Brass Owl - $16: This was more than I would normally spend on something like this, but good gord he's so cute. Yes, he had to come home with me.
4. Salt and Pepper Shakers - $18: Again, I like to find more of a "deal" than this, but I love them. Period. Look at the detail!

Later, I realized I apparently gravitated towards metallics, thus Metallic Monday. Hope you enjoyed! Go there if you can!!!