Happy Little Kitchen

I've been gone for a few days because Tim and I are officially in transit to our new apartment across the country! Before we get to have at our new place, I'm going to cover a few more features of the old one (I miss you already Somerville).  


We were so fortunate to have a big sunny kitchen. At first I was a little nervous with the bit of a farmhouse vibe (bead-board, chair rail, white appliances, buttery farm yellow walls), but it turns out the happy farm look mixed super well with our eclectic kitchen wares! We mixed in whimsical mugs, happy dishes in bright colors, and a few vintage pieces like mason jars. It gave the room a lived-in, but young vibe that I really liked. 

I grabbed this 1950s table with three matching vintage chairs on craigslist for $30 - beautiful. One chair was broken, so I took the fabric and nail heads for a future project. The other two were paired with a more farm-like chair in a color scheme that worked. I've always wanted to have several mismatched chairs, so I'm working towards that :).  Oh PS: My friend Kait took the picture above. She. Is. Amazing. So if you're in NC (or nearby) and need pictures, contact her.

One of the bigger challenges of this space was all of the open storage. Instead of obsessing over having everything placed just so all of the time, I opted for the casual but sunny layout. So basically, avoiding a cluttered look, but not worrying about everything looking symmetrical or something. We also made sure to store our tupperware (always messy!!!) and all of our food on the wall you can't see if you're hanging in the kitchen. Tricky, I know (not really).

We also added a chalk board for our shopping list. It was a nice nod to the vintage vibe of the room and was especially fun when people cat-sat for us and left us little messages :)

Anywho, we loved this space - sunny, happy, perfect.