Mini Vacation

Hello hello! I guess "vacation" isn't a very accurate description for this... Anywho, a very big and major concert coming up on Saturday April 21st has decided to consume my life this week. (For those of you new to insideways, I'm a classical cellist by trade.) Instead of writing crummy "filler" posts, I've decided it's best for insideways to take a little bitty vacation for the week.

In the mean time....

1. My apartment is part of Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest. Wanna vote for me?

2. If you want to see a bit of what I'm playing, this clip has a few excerpts from the big piece I'm working on. Check out minute 6:00 to see the cello-tastic part.

Crazy huh? Yep, crazy and crazy awesome :)

See you in a week!!!