Crafty Skills: Embroidery

There's no doubt, I'm completely obsessed with learning new crafty techniques right now. You wouldn't believe the list of "want to learns" I have! Normally, I might find a list this long overwhelming, but it's just so fun to try everything that I don't care how long it is.

Learning to embroider has definitely been high on the list, so this week I took a little time to dable. Oh how I love dabbling :)

To get started, I tried some different stitches from The Trouble with Crafting tutorials via Needlework. The hardest stitch for me was the french knot, but I think I'm getting the hang of it!

Then I tried my hand at stitching a little message. Being able to embroider text is seriously one of my life goals, just FYI :)

I have to say, I'm pretty pumped about how it turned out. I used a combination of the back stitch and the lazy daisy stitch to make my little message. I can already tell embroidery is going to be a go-to embellishment for my crafts now :)

What's on your list of crafty skills to try? Any in particular that you would like to see on insideways?