Packing Up!

I'm just so excited to share this you don't event know...


If you follow insideways on instagram or facebook, you're in the know, but for everyone else AHHHH SO EXCITED!!!!

When we moved from Boston to San Diego for me to go to school, Tim and I made the strategic decision to live in grad housing for several reasons: 1) it's so cheap 2) it would let me integrate into school quickly and 3) we would be able to get to know the area before committing to a year lease (grad housing is month-to-month). It was always a temporary solution, but I think we really made the best of it. A before and after picture for fun? Yes, I think so.

Mmmhmmm. That never fails to make me happy. (More photos here, for those of you so inclined.)

To get the apartment search started, Tim and I made a list of living space "wants" and "ohmygoshneeds" knowing that we would have to compromise a little, because no place is perfect. About a month ago, we found a winner and now.... It's OURS. We're moving. May 1st. Zomygosh!

Wanna see it?

I thought so.

I should say now that this post is going to be a two parter. There's just waaaaay to much to tell you and I took an ungodly number of photos of our new place for you to see. We'll start with the basics and tomorrow I'll deluge you with the photos.

The Deets:

1. We're moving from La Jolla to Oceanside, CA. We'll be a half mile from the highway (in a good for travel way, not a noisy way) and only a mile from the beach. Oceanside is amazing for thrifting and I'm just beside myself in love with the area. Also, Tim's daily work commute will be 1.25 hours shorter every day. I love him, he's been commuting 3 hours *sadface!*, and I'm so glad the new place will make things easier for him.

2. It's a detached townhouse with a garage, so now Tim and I can rock out and DIY with crazy power tools guilt free.

3. We'll be luxuriating in 3 bedrooms 2.5 bath. That is, I GET A CRAFT ROOM and WE HAVE AN ATTACHED MASTER BATH. Ahem sorry for yelling.

4. We can paint. Seriously, you have no idea. We can paint. It's going to be magical.

5. We have a dish washer for the first time in 2 years.

6. There's a washer and dryer. When we first toured the house we saw the washer/dryer and we're like "oh gosh that's going to be so amazing." The current tenant said, "Yeah, having laundry on the second floor is really really nice." Haha, we didn't even think of that, we were just happy not to walk to another building!

I am literally getting excitement overload while I write this. It must be strange for you because I probably sound like a crazy person... oops ;)

Tomorrow there will be pictures - badly taken pictures because I was so excited I forgot to adjust my aperture, but pictures nonetheless. And I will probably describe them to you in a way that is too wordy. Sorry in advance.

Until then, I'm busy PACKING!!!!