Moving Day

Well folks, moving day has come and gone [insert exhausted sigh here]. Actually, I am pretty tired, but the move went really smoothly overall. Having moved across the whole country only a few months ago, I think Tim and I are really getting the hang of this whole bidness.

A few key things in particular have made everything easier. Just in case you have a move coming up, I thought I might share them.

1. Protect Your Breakables - Well, duh right, but how? The #1 cause of something breaking during a move isn't a box being tossed, dropped, or manhandled (though those things can all happen) - it's general shifting inside poorly packed boxes. Pack your boxes tightly so that your heavy cast iron pot can't roll on top of your champagne glasses. Use brown paper or bubble wrap to keep everything safely in its spot and your trinkets are much more likely to survive.

2. Stock Up On Supplies - Nothing is worse than making a 8pm Home Depot run to get more boxes again. Buy more supplies than you'll think you'll need and just return the leftovers. Tim and I started out with 3 rolls of tape, three rolls of packing paper, 20 small boxes, 15 med, and 10 large. We used it all and even bought more boxes. Compare that to our last move where we made at least 10 trips to buy more boxes - ick. Trust me, having huge quantities up front is the better path.

3. Consider Professionals - You know I'm all about DIY, but sometimes you're just killing yourself when professionals could be a great solution. For this move, we hired 3 guys from Pyramid Movers and spent about $550 for them. Worth. Every. Penny. Sure, we could have rented a uhaul, called on dedicated friends, and crossed our fingers for undamaged backs in the end... but yeah, the movers were better. However, we did clean ourselves. After 5 hours of intensely scrubbing our old apartment I sure wished we had hired out for that too... Moving is stressful and we're all busy people - be honest with yourself and don't be afraid to hire out if you think it will be too much.

Of course, that's really just the tip of the moving iceberg. While I'm not an expert, feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments section - I'll do my best to help!