DIY Paperclip Garland

A while back I found some beautiful vintage playing cards at an antique store. I've been hoarding them away ever since, waiting for the right project to showcase them. The project is here and I'm pumped.

Paperclip garland!

I'm always impressed with the garland projects I see circulating the blogosphere, but hadn't quite figured out my own twist on it until now. I love how my little garland turned out :)

Here's what it took...

Some kind of rope - I used twine because it's neutral and cheap, but you can use yarn or really anything that ties in a knot :)
Paper clips - I chose pretty colored ones for $0.99 
Tape measurer 
Playing cards - I chose 15 coordinating cards for this project

Slide on a paperclip then tie a knot around it.

Then tie a double knot (which helps the clip hang straight) and slide on your card. Repeat those easy steps  (being sure to measure so that the paperclips are evenly spaced) until you have a garland that's as long as you want!

Here's where this project gets really special - you can clip almost anything onto your garland!
Leaves for fall, snowflakes for winter, cupcake printouts for a birthday party, polaroids, just use your imagination!

You can also make mini versions for ornaments. I threw these together in about 5min. 

Clearly I'm excited, but it's just so fun to get mileage out of your projects. What would you clip on your garland?

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  1. ooooh i love the leaf garland, what a good idea!

  2. i made similar garlands for my wedding. i attached paper doilies to the twine with paperclips. the doilies had words stamped on them such as: "welcome" "cards" and "thank you", for our guest book and gift tables.

    such a fun idea!

  3. What a perfectly adorable idea for a garland!