Pretty Small Things: octopus print

One of the best rabbit holes to fall down is looking through prints on etsy - oh the beauty out there. I love to see all of the talent and support an artist directly when I make my purchase.

On one of my deep journeys down the etsy print rabbit hole, I found this beautiful print by Black Baroque, who has a shop FULL of great vintagey steampunk-ish prints. Each picture is printed on a unique piece of vintage encyclopedia paper (lovely I know).

I had an old frame on hand and thought I would DIY the mat like Linda from My Crafty Home-Life did on this awesome post, but once I got to the craft store I was sucked into the have-them-do-it-for-you framing. I guess sometimes you just leave things to the professionals.

Here's what we started with: the awesome print and a plain black frame.

Tim and I chose a grey mat with a black edge that worked beautifully with the print. 

I'm thrilled with how it turned out and am so happy to walk past it on my walls every day. I think the next print on my list is this one. What do you think?


  1. Bahahaaa, Yes! Do that print....you live near the water, right? The vignette looks fantastic.

  2. I love etsy and I love this print!!!!

  3. I just realized I didn't mention - the little caption says "Love will find a way." Adorable!!