Homeless Housewares: knit edition!

If you happen to follow my Pinterest boards, you might have noticed I'm becoming more and more obsessed with needle work. Knit, crochet, embroidery, cross stitch... really I don't know too much of what I'm talking about, but I definitely love it!

Well, why not use craigslist to enable some of that obsession? Meet Homeless Housewares Knit Edition!!

(After image from SF Girl by Bay)
Bertoia Chairs - $140

No, these aren't cheap at $140 each - not even a little. BUT they're beautiful and I haven't run across a better deal. (Yes, I've been looking.) I adore the idea of weaving oversized yarn into the wire grid. Not only does it add completely unique (and comfy) character, but it looks like it would be pretty easy to change if you wanted to mix up your room's look. Versatile pieces are always worth the investment.

(After image from Bloesem)
Unfinished Pine Armoire - $100

Ok, also not super cheap (this isn't turning out to be a "great deal" Homeless Housewares post), but a fair price for a large piece of furniture. I had never thought of using pegboard for oversized cross stitch. What a great idea! With paint and other supplies, this project might run you a total of $150, which isn't so bad for such a great statement piece. I'm thinking I might try this for kitchen cabinets some day...

(After image from Ikea Hackers)
Two Wicker Baskets - $15 each

Here we go, this is a totally decent price. The thing that inspired me about this project was that it really showcases that you can weave yarn or thread into ANYTHING with a grid! While I didn't see gridded pencil containers on craigslist, these wicker baskets would be very cute with a little yarn or ribbon embellishments. I have a wastebasket that has velvet ribbon woven throughout and I love it. Highly recommend.

(After image from Freshome)
2700 Ft Manilla Rope - $324

At first glance this is a lot of money, but it's also a lot of rope. To be honest, I'm not really up-to-date on rope prices... BUT if you were to weave this rope into a giant doily rug(!!!!) then $324 is a great rug price! I have no idea how to crochet doilies, but that is exactly what the internet is for :)


For those of you new to Homeless Housewares: I don't sell these things -  I just think they're great buys with a lot of potential. Hopefully you're inspired to search your local craigslistings, OR to find these pieces, search the San Diego craigslist furniture listings using the titles above. Maybe you can snatch these up before someone else does!


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