Hang and Level by Liette Tousignant

A few weeks ago I was hanging up my Scrabble Tile Art. I got through it in my own way and posted a tutorial, but mentioned that I wished I had one of these - a Hang and Level. Well someone in the internet was listening, because I got an email and package from the inventor of Hang and Level Liette Tousignant!

Liette is so super cute and nice - she even wrote me a little note!

She asked me to try out the Hang and Level and a few other really neat products and let her know what I thought. Well, I'm going to let you all know too - they're SUPER handy!

Before we get started I just want to say, I am giving my true and honest opinion here and am not being paid to advertise for Under the Roof Decorating. I just want to give you an inside look into some tools I found really helpful.

First I hung up a clock with the Hang and Level. Even though the clock had a weird hanging mechanism, the Hang and Level worked like a charm. No trying to estimate where to put the nail, it just leaves a little mark right where you should hammer in. Seriously. I honestly wish I had more to hang with the Hang and Level right now... I'm in the middle of a little picture frame DIY so I'll get the chance soon.

Next I tried the Anchor Points. These little points go on the back of your picture and anchor it to the wall so it hangs straight.

This crooked little blue picture was driving me particularly crazy.

Would. Not. Hang. Straight. So I anchored it.

Easy peasey!

Then there are my infamous Scrabble Tiles. Since they're right above the couch, Tim and I knock them crooked constantly.

30 minutes and 15 anchor points later...

No more Scrabble Tile snaggle tooth!

I am so super excited to keep trying out these goodies as more projects come up. I'm a big fan of saving yourself some time by buying the tools to get the job done right. Would Definitely Recommend!

Thanks Liette!

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  1. that's so sweet of her to send that! readers can be so thoughtful :)