Arcadian Lighting Guest Post: Tufted Pieces You'll Love

First, and this may be strange, but I need to point out that today is 11-11-11. It is a super cool day because there are 6 number ones! Six! Plus it's my birthday :)

Now, on to more important things.

I am a major fan of tufting. Major. When I got an email from the bloggers at Arcadian Lighting asking if they could write up a post with tufting inspiration, I was really excited to see what they would come up with. Well, it's beautiful tufting eye candy - love!

Take it away Susi!!


Hi, I'm Susi, a writer for the Arcadian Lighting blog, which features light fixtures and lighting trends. I'm so happy to be a guest blogger here at insideways today; it's such a great blog! My guest post is all about tufted pieces of furniture that I'm sure you'll love. Hope you enjoy my guest post. Thanks for letting me stop by!
Tufted Pieces
Button tufting adds so much texture and pattern to even simple linens. I love this tufted ottoman with curving French cabriolet legs. This piece would be lovely in a modern, eclectic or traditional living room.
Tufted Pieces and Chandelier
I love the tufting on this more modern ottoman. Tufting is a traditional design element that can work for every style, including contemporary. The crystal chandelier fits perfectly with the ottoman!
Tufted Pieces and Drum Lamps
Tufting on the arms of this settee complements the curving, formal lines of the piece. A single tufted piece in a modern room is so chic, paired with a simple drum lamp.
Tufted Pieces Lighting Fixture
Tufting on a slipper chair makes a small accent chair the star of any room. I love this yellow slipper chair with a tufted seat. And what is the perfect lighting fixture for a bath with such elegant seating? It's a lovely white chandelier, of course.
Tufted Pieces
I love the tufting on this rose velvet vintage loveseat. Tufting in velvet is so glamorous and perfect for feminine vintage pieces. The unexpected little touches like the ornate framed silhouette above the loveseat and the black and white drapes keep the space from being too formal.
Tufted Pieces
Lucite and tufted velvet are stylish in a Hollywood regency way. Lucite was popular in the 30s before it made a comeback in modern design, so it works perfectly with tufting.
Tufted Pieces
Even a single row of tufting can add a big impact. This simple sofa has classic modern lines and the tufting adds a nice bit of extra style.
Tufted Pieces Wall Lamp
I love tufting details on an upholstered headboard. The over-sized tufted headboard and the amazing wall sconce add drama to this bedroom.

We've got a lot more great inspiration in store for you at Arcadian Lighting Blog. Come say hello and see what else we've written about!

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  1. I *love* this post. I'm especially crazy for the single-row-tufted couch above. So sleek and tailored.

  2. Hi Jen! Thank you so much for having us as your guest!

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  4. I have to agree with you that tufting on a slipper chair makes a small accent chair the star of any room. That yellow chair is just awesome.

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