Pretty Small Things: rugs!

Good things come to those who wait. And wait... and wait... and loose their patience, but still wait some more...

Since moving, I've been on a serious rug hunt. Serious as in searching craigslist every single day to watch the prices of certain rugs drop and to jump on those rare deals. The not really that hard work has finally paid off with two rugs I'm 1000% in love with (extra 0 intended).

First up, this lovely lady. Be still me geometric and funky color loving heart.

This 3x5 girly lives in our kitchen (where some major changes are happening) providing endless delight for the low low cost of $30. We have to be a little careful, because the beautiful colors you see below were made with vegetable dye. Water = sad runny colors. You can see there's a little damage already (not by us), but I don't mind it at all. She's still a knockout.

On a random-continuity-interrupting-blogger's note: Does anyone else get a perfection block when they're going to blog? I have a "to blog about list" that's longer than ever, but I feel totally stuck! Today was absolutely a "ok, time to do this no matter what" kind of day. Even though I'm not thrilled with the quality or styling of these photos, I think forcing myself to write a post is helping me out of my perfectionist slump :)

And thus, this very mediocre photo of rug #2!

(Madeline would not cooperate with photo time...)

This dapper young man is a 7x10 midcentury gem I claimed just hours after it was posted on c-list for $100. The orange might look kind of cuckoo in these photos, but I assure you, it's all kinds of yummy in person.

Why yes, those are plus signs as one of the main geometric motifs - LOVE. This is just one happy rug :)

The next step (besides writing posts about all of the other cool goings on at the insideways homebase - get it together Jen) is to see if there might be a slightly better place for our plus signed rug friend, which I have a feeling there is... Let the furniture and rug moving manual labor begin!