DIY Wedding Invitations

Now that our wedding guests have been pleasantly (I hope) surprised by our wedding invitations, I'm excited to share them with the internets. Tim and I set out to make invitations that were a) affordable b) adorable with handmade touches and c) made us super happy. Put a big check mark beside each of those goals!

When I first set out to get this stuff done, I looked and looked for wedding invitation kits that I liked, but just couldn't find any. Why am I so picky?? So of course, I designed my own...

Like most DIY invitations, there was a bit of assembly involved, but the most difficult part of the process was getting all of the necessary parts.


  • For a cozy crafty vibe, I ordered kraft paper envelopes from Amazon for both the outer and RSVP envelopes
  • I ordered custom stamps from Stamp Out Online for the RSVP and "join us!" text on the front of the invite. They did a great job with the stamps and were very affordable, but were a little difficult to communicate with. I think they just get huuuge volumes of business...
  • The jar stamp and ink were from Michael's (because what project is complete without a trip to Michael's?)
  • At Staples we printed the information side of the invitations (on heavy weight card stock then cut down to 5x7), and bought red pens and index cards. Tip: if you have your invitations printed by Staples, just do it in the store. Their online print shop will overcharge!

Assembly itself took no time at all!

My favorite part of the whole shebang might have to be the RSVP cards. They turned out just like I hoped are completely adorable (in my ever so humble opinion). Thank you Stamp Out Online!! Notice how they look just like our online RSVP? Tim is so good...

Attention brides to be: Yes, getting the invitations out is a little stressful, but you will feel SO GOOD once they're done! I know I do. You can do it!