Back to the Real World!

For the past thee weeks I may or may not have been completely spoiled...

If you stopped by insideways at all during the last month, you might have read this post. I've been having the time of my life and working very very hard at the Banff Centre Chamber Music Residency in Canada!

People. It was beautiful.

Aaaaand because I'm not much of a nature photo person, the mountain pic above (the view from our rehearsal space) is all I have of the naturey goodness for you. I know. I'm sorry. Google can help fill in the gaps?

However, I did take lots of photos of our rehearsal space!

Beautiful! And I'm kind of in love with the colors in that second photo... I also managed to sneak a few crafting supplies with me, even though they were mostly used on sheet music ;)

You can see more photos and read the nitty gritty details about my trip at the diagenesis duo blog here!

In the mean time a lot of change has been happening in my new place, despite the vacation silence here on the blog. I have an epic pretty small things post coming atcha and I'm gearing up to finally paint some walls in this place - exciting!

In wedding land, progress is steady and full of DIY goodness. Because I'm crazy, I want to DIY every. single. detail. but I know it's not realistic. Tim is becoming a master of keeping me in the real world while still encouraging me to be as creative as I want. Not an easy balance, trust me. He's a good man.

Save the Dates went out a while ago and we're just about ready to release our DIY invitations into the wild. Think custom stamps from etsy :)

SO long story short, lots of posts to come! It's great to be back!!