Our Answer to the Wedding Website

In the last few months I've gotten seriously enamored with making websites look pretty. Yes, the technical term is web design, but I hesitate to even associate myself with that term - I have a lot to learn first!

Either way, when Tim and I started setting up our wedding website, I knew I couldn't use a free stock website. Even the cute ones were not. My. Style. So we made our own...

I have to say, I love love love it. It's totally us and totally worth the effort! Oh right, and it's based off of a blogger blog, so it's free too ;). Visit it here >>> jenandtimtietheknot.blogspot.com.

Most of the custom look is created by using images where the text is my own sloppy cursive. How? I got a Wacom tablet off craigslist for $30. It's SO FUN and I might be going overboard with it, but I don't care.

My absolute favorite part is the RSVP page. This one was a little beyond my skill set, so Tim took care of it (he's a software engineer for google, so yeah, he's got chops). It's an embedded google survey doc which Tim styled to look just like the RSVPs we sent out with our invitations! Our guests can go to the RSVP page, fill out the form, and their info is automatically uploaded to a google spread sheet that Tim and I can track. So easy.

In fact, our whole website uses google products because they integrate so easily and, duh, they're free! We were even able to embed a slideshow with photos of us via Picasa :)

All in all this wedding DIY took about 6 days of moderate to heavy work and a little know-how. If there's anything in particular you'd like to learn how to do, please let me know in the comments below. I'd be happy to write up a tutorial or send you some resources :)