Where Oh Where??

Maybe you've wondered lately...

Oh just here and there - a little of this and a little of that. In reality I've been full steam ahead working to prepare for my duo's upcoming tour in Florida and THE WEDDING AHHHHHH!!!

I have to say, I've been having a ton of fun making many many goodies for the big day - there's just one catch for your humble blogger... my little projects are a surprise for the wedding! And so, with my crafty time very much dedicated to projects that have to stay secret, insideways has been a little silent.

However, I have found a little time here and there for a small house project or two and of course to grab some treasures from craigslist. While I haven't been blogging about it all that much (ahem at all...), I have been snapping away and posting photos to instagram. For example, this GIANT lamp...

So please feel free to check in with me there: Jen_insideways

In any event, posting is likely to pick up speed once this whole wedding distraction is out of the way and now you're in the know about it all :)

Miss you and thanks for reading!!!!!!
~ Jen