From Big Box to Very Us

Tim and I always seem to be on the search for yet another end table (only one more to go!). We found this Ikea end table on Craig's list for $15 and thought it would be a nice little mid-century inspired touch for in between our couches.

Don't get me wrong, we both love Ikea for some things, but it can be a little boring to have the same furniture as every college kid in Boston. Tim and I decided to do a really simple mod to give our table some personality.
We went to our local stationary store and found a great print of constellation maps with other map-related nautical-ish images that we both loved for $4. We brought that home along with a piece of foam board for another $4 and cut both to the exact shape of the glass top on our end table using an Exacto knife.  
Then we just slipped them under the glass.  It took way less than a day - easy, cheap, and very us.