Small Changes and Perfect Plants

Over the past several months I've been embracing something a little unnatural for me: the slow down. Contrary to my "I can do anything and everything," efficiency-high loving, ultra productive tendencies, I'm getting to know the value of recognizing and being happy with taking a little more time to enjoy my day in a quality instead of quantity type way.

In terms of decorating rooms in my apartment, that has meant slow adjustments instead of blitz finishing a room in one weekend.

Which brings me to my lovely new plant: a gorgeous Staghorn Fern (from Serendipity in Old Town Temecula) perfect for the empty corner in my dining nook.

So here's how the slow-changes went down... That corner started with a 6 foot fiddle leaf fig tree - a set-up that ran into some problems:
1. The kitchen heating vent was right next to the tree - Mr. Fig hated having hot air blown on him and lost several leaves in protest.
2. The size of the tree made the dining area feel a little cramped.
3. Tim and I want to add a small bar cart to the dining room and Mr. Fig was taking up prime cart real estate.

So, Mr. Fig moved out and Lady Philodendron moved in. She was wild, curvy, filled the space beautifully and... oh... toxic to cats. Dangit.

Don't worry, the cats are fine.

In the end, I'm glad Lady Philodendron didn't work out because look at this Staghorn...!

That's one sexy fern.

Next up - find a cute bar cart! Fill it with cute glasses and yummy liquors! Live like beautiful people straight out of Mad Men. Well, maybe that last one's a little ambitious...

What do you think? Are you digging the fern? How do you like to decorate - slow steps or all at once?