Pillow Power!

In the past few months Tim and my bedroom has been the focus of our “making it our own” efforts. We got a really great duvet cover, painted the bedroom “homemade butterscotch,” got some Emily Henderson (Secrets from a Stylest) inspired lamps, and hung a picture above the bed that Tim's sister gave us.

It’s starting to look really great, but we needed a little something more… This is a really small scale DIY, but even the small things can make a big difference right? Here we are then - Pillows!!

Any one who has been in my living room knows I love pillows. If Tim didn’t hold me back, there might not be any room left to sit. Here’s my policy: I only buy a pillow if it’s $20 or less and if I don’t think I could easily make my own version of it.

This past weekend I decided to make a couple of throw pillows and I thought I would post the one I’m most proud of. To choose fabrics for the pillows I took all of my spare and scrap swatches and laid them on our bed. I took out the obvious no’s and experimented with different combinations until I came up with a few I loved.

The best resulted in this center pillow - it’s a combination of a retro paisley (that incorporates the colors of our wall and painting) with burlap. I love burlap’s texture and I think it’s a really fun and unexpected fabric. The pillow tucks into the case in the same way lot of pillow shams do (no zippers), then has buttons to keep everything together. You get the idea… this is way too much text about a pillow!

Suffice it to say, I love the difference it makes for the bed. I think 1-3 more pillows should finish things off nicely… don’t tell Tim…