Beautiful Storage

First, a confession; this isn’t a DIY. Well, it isn’t unless you count having to carry this massive trunk a half a mile back to my apartment with my sister. Anyway, I kind of wanted to expand this blog to cover some really great things we’ve found. Here’s one of them…

Tim and I’ve been looking for a trunk for our bedroom for a while. We really wanted to a place to put all of our (ok my) pillows, blankets, and guest bedding. We’ve kept on the lookout for a while and just found this baby.

This awesome giant (yes, a little bigger in the bedroom than I had anticipated, but we’re working on balancing it out) is made of wood, but covered in metal. We love that it’s a hump back trunk and that it really shows its age without looking gross. One of the best parts is that it was only $70!! If you’ve ever gone trunk shopping, and who hasn’t, you know that trunks this size are easily $125. We happened to stop by Eddie’s Furniture in Porter Square while they were in the middle of renovation - the guys were tired and the credit card machine was down so he gave us a price break and even threw in the tax. I highly recommend Eddie’s and their sister stores,Metamorphosis, and Sunshine Lucy’s - they have great pieces (original and refurbished) and are often willing to negotiate.