Pretty Small Things: decorations and an ottoman

I had a fabulous time antiquing with Kait Moreno today! We went to the Cambridge Antique Market - a five story, vendor based, store. It’s really fabulous and you should go (but please leave some of the cute things for my next trip).

Here are the spoils :)
  1. Bentwood Bird - $7
  2. “The Boll Worm” print - $8
  3. Small brown ottoman - $6 (actually from a little yard sale down the street, but I wanted to go in order of the pictures…)
  4. “Room In Use” sign - $19.50 (marked down 70% from $65 woo!)

I almost bought these really cute metal birds, but they’re $37 and I just can’t get myself to do it.  Also, I was on the lookout to find a painting to do this project, but couldn’t find the perfect one:

Maybe next time :)