The Perfect End Table

As I mentioned in a past blog, I’ve been looking for perfect end tables for my living room for fooreeevur (pronounced like this from the Sandlot). Well, Tim and I finally broke down and shelled out the cash for this end table from West Elm that I love love leurve.  
Since both of the chairs there are low and from very different styles, we needed an end table that would be the right scale and neutral enough to fit in without competing stylistically. I can’t tell you how perfectly this end table fits the bill. Well, I guess you can just see in the picture!

I styled the stump with a metal donkey my Dad got me from Mexico, some similarly colored books, and a small jar with a twig. The jar was from a garage sale and the twig is from my back yard. It’s simple but makes us very very happy.

Bonus: Tim and I are moving in September. This is very sad, because this is the best apartment ever, but such a neutral and timeless end table will look good in almost any room. A great design investment :)