A Homemade Mini Media Center

Finally the pieces have come together!! And by pieces, I mean a series of small steps that took me a bafflingly long time to finish...

I've been attempting to control a mess of wires in my life... the mess of wires pictured below. Ugh.

Tim and I decided the best solution would be to build a small media cabinet out of vintage crates! SO, we found the crates, cleaned the old wood, made some of our own old wood (necessary for the crate assembly process), and got down to building the thing. That's the part you get to see today.

1. We carefully lined up our crates and clamped them together. Usually this wouldn't count as its own step, but since the size of the crates was sliiiightly different, clamping them before we drilled holes was crucial. FYI, the crates are upside down right now. We didn't want to see any screw heads, so we did all of the dirty work on the bottom facing surfaces of our crates.

2. We pre-drilled holes for our screws. When working with old wood that can be a little brittle, pre-drilling is another crucial step. Skip it and the wood might crack!

3. We drilled super shallow .75" holes so the screw heads would be recessed. This is not a crucial step, but an easy trick to make your construction look nice and polished.

Here you can see the small pre-drill hole and the large recessing hole.

4. We drilled in the screws (finally)!

5. We screwed on our faux vintage wood planks. (It doesn't matter that the closest board in that image wasn't as "old" looking as the rest of the wood - no one will see the bottom once the unit is upright.)

6. We added castors to the bottom. This is why we needed our extra faux antique wood. The extra thickness allowed us to recess the castors slightly. Why castors? The little bit of height makes a massive difference. Think boxes stacked in a dorm room versus awesome vintage furniture.

Once the castors were done, we flipped her over...

Yay! See how the faux vintage wood blended perfectly? But of course, the wires still had to be tamed. Tim handled that :)

And I handled the bits and bobs...

Pretty different huh? From this...

To this!

Combined with our yarn covered TV wires, we've almost completely conquered the technology beast! How do you contain your wires??