Beat the Blinking Lights

No, that's not blinking as in "I was going to say a bad word," that's blinking as in "the lights on my cable box are blinkey and ugly. Must. Hide!!"

I shared a little living room tease the other day, and while you can't really see them in this photo, those of you with super eyes might have noticed some annoying little black cable boxes still disgracing our media storage. Yeah, riiight there...

So I thought I would modify the cutest laptop case idea I've ever seen and cover that crap with an old book! Here's how to do it if you want to try:

1. Find a book that's big enough to cover your cable box.

Why yes, that is in fact A Treasury of Yiddish Stories with beautiful gold and navy spine art. Score.

2. Cut the binding that attaches the book's pages to its cover. No, you do not have to use such a dramatically huge knife. All of my more reasonable knives were in the dishwasher.

3. You'll be left with just the hard cover! I accidentally left in the glossary of Yiddish terms. It's a mistake I'm 100% thrilled with.

4. Slip the cover in front of the cable box!

Quite the difference right? It's like I've transformed from a TV watching boob into a smarty pants who enjoys Yiddish. I'm still looking for a second beautiful book that will be tall enough to cover our other cable box (two cable boxes?!? what can I say, I live with a techie), but for now, I'm happy with whatever little progress I make.

And here is the subtle but oh so satisfying result from further out in the room!

To recap our journey of hiding the blinky wiry mess that technology pooped out in our living room:

1. We covered our TV wires with pretty yarn!
2. We hid the remaining nest of wires in an entertainment center made from vintage crates!
3. We covered ugly cable boxes with pretty books!

Yay for living in the future but not having to look at it in all of its wiry blinky glory!!