A Living Room Tease

How in the universe has it been four months since I moved into my new place without showing any real hint of a reveal? HOW!? Well partially I've been being patient with the progress of my space... partially I've been wedding obsessed.. and partially I've been lazy...

While the living room isn't completely done, I just couldn't help but show where I am now. Let's see a before shall we?

Yup. Things have moved into the room! Here's a little rundown of the pretties with links for those of you with curious hearts:

Not pictured are our pipe shelves, the unfinished bay window area, and the disaster that is our catchall zone. Mr. Strongman has been overrun with mail and shoes... Next big step? I'm thinking the curtains that I made for the One Room Challenge but couldn't hang because our old apartment hated our guts. Onward ho!