One Room Challenge: Week 5 (!!!)

Welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge! Can you tell I'm saying that with false confidence followed by a nervous laugh? No? Good.

It is down to the wire in every sense of the word and I'm getting a little worried I'm not going to finish... I know I know, technically that means I would fail the challenge... ick. I'm hopeful (with a touch of healthy denial) that I'll be able to pull everything together. Cross your fingers for me?

This week I actually have a color scheme to share with you! A little late for color schemes, no? BUT, I've never been good at coming up with one in advance - I just choose colors I like as I go. Add enough white and it always seems to work out :)

The colors I'm working with are... [[drum roll]]... gold and blue with a lot of brown and white neutrals.
Nothing revolutionary, but I loves loves loves it.

Mostly the color scheme came together because I settled on my curtain plan. Since the walls in my room are really white and really blank and I'm trying to soften up a corner of serious music technology (check the before pictures here), I've decided to do a wall of curtains. In the end, I'm hoping it will had a lot of soft texture, more vertical interest, and give the illusion that there's more architecture to the room (ie windows) than there really is. Disclaimer: this is the first time I've ever used curtains in any room I've decorated. What's wrong with me...?

Here's a close up of the materials I'm working with. I bought a huuuge drop cloth from Home Depot for two canvas panels that are going to go on the far left and right of my curtain wall. (Only $20 and a super awesome texture with TONS of leftover fabric for other projects = win.) For the rest, I bought 4 panels of white linen sheers from Ikea (only $26 total!!). I'm in the process of sewing a stripe of the perfect blue velvet onto the bottom of the sheers for a little weight and color.

Tim and I will hang the curtains on that awesome rope you see in the picture above. It's a little nautical and a lot awesome. I'm tres excited :)

Oh oh oh, since my camera was busted McGee last week, here's a picture of the hinges we bought for the doors we're installing on the Ikea Epedit. Nice and industrial, but simple so they won't look too crazy.

In full disclosure, the curtains would be hung by now if we hadn't hit some unavoidable obstacles (namely a thrown back for Tim and a massive migraine for me). So for now...

... the curtains sit as a giant cat nest in need of serious ironing...

Dear home DIY gods, please save me from the procrastinating mess I've gotten myself into. Pretty please?

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