Pretty Small Things: a (not so small) wicker giraffe

The other day I was casually perusing craigslist using some of my favorite search words - kilim, rug, rattan, cane, bentwood, and... wicker. Wicker might be my favorite. Does anyone else do this? Just me?

Anywho, I happend across a listing I just couldn't pass up. A 5 foot. Wicker. Giraffe. WITH. A planter in his back. ohmygosh!

Clearly I had to have him so I shot off an email to the seller then raced over with cash in hand: $40 - not a good deal at all, but I don't care. Now he lives on my porch in all his vertically abundant wonderfulness.

On the left: where he lives. Doesn't it look like I need some sort of art or hanging plant above the chair for balance now? Working on it. On the right: an awkwardly angled picture so you can see all of his glory. So tall. Planter. I'm a happy girl.

Oh that face! I love you too wicker giraffe!

What do you think? Crazy or insanely awesome?