DIY Heart Coasters

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Today I wanted to share an adorable DIY that you can apply to any season - your very own felt coasters.
Here's what you'll need...

Scissors, a pen, felt, and coordinating embroidery thread. I chose contrasting thread and felt colors so my stitches would show, but you can choose thread colors that match your felt if you'd like to hide your stitches (or use a hot glue gun for an even easier project without any stitches showing).

Trace two hearts onto your felt. I made a pattern out of paper to make sure mine were the same size.

Cut out your hearts. Be sure ink marks from the pen are cut off too so you don't have messy edges on your coaster.

Stitch your two pieces of felt together and you're done! Pro Tip: If you want to add any extras to your coasters (like embroidery, buttons, or other bits of felt), do it before step three so the knots or extra stitches don't show.

The coasters were so easy and fun I decided to make a few more then planned... Upon Tim's request, Mr. and Ms. Pac Man... and a little acorn because why not? :)

I officially have too many coasters now (yes Tim, I'm admitting it)... time to apply some of my collecting strategies... this is going to be tough! 

What would you make into a coaster?