Where oh where has the blogging gone?

Ahhh, Monday and Tuesday and no post!? What's going oonnnnn??

Well, the short answer is a lot. And I thought I would let you in on it.

For the past several days I've had two wonderful guests in town for a big music project that is coming to a head right now (pretty much as you read this in fact). It's so very wonderful to be with friends and to have such great music happening, but I think many of us know how much guests in town can contribute to I'm-behind-in-everything-edness. There are some records of our work and adventures over at my Diagenesis Duo website if you care for a little extra reading.

Another major major inhibitor to my posting is that my camera is broken. Yep, totally broked. One minute I'm taking pictures for the One Room Challenge, the next I'm staring blankly at a frozen camera. I'm working on getting it fixes, but that means no purty pictures of any projects I've been working on right now... Boo :(

I do have something small and possibly lame to share with you. Possibly lame, but possibly cool? Update: Here I am thinking, I'll make up for my absence by sharing that little project I photographed with my iPhone. That will be nice right? Nope. Computer error - images inaccessible. It's not ment to be my friends. Instead of deleting this section giving up, I thought I would just leave it in as a true demonstration of how much life is interfering with blogging right now...

Here's a promise (one I can keep): this week insideways might stink a little, but NEXT WEEK I'll do my best to rock your socks off. So for now, accept my apologies. I'm sorry!! Thanks for sticking with me through the tough times!!