Mr. Giraffe Gets a Little Green

You know what makes me happier than most anything?... The fact that so many people love Mr. Giraffe as much as I do! I think it's getting to the point where he needs an official name. Any ideas?

This past weekend Tim was out of town, so I took a day to go to all of my favorite places for crafty supplies - Home Depot, Michaels, Yardage Town, and the thrift store. On my long list of things to get was succulents for Mr. Giraffe. I was so excited!

I measured his little planter opening to get a pot that would fit, but somehow I wasn't careful enough and it didn't fit at all. Boo. So, I made my own out of soda bottles and duct tape instead!

It's a perfect fit and I'm pretty sure it will hold up to the elements (fingers crossed - I'll let you know if it doesn't).

I planted two cactuses (cacti?) and a succulent with gravel and a little extra soil to pack them in nice and snug. (Read more about planting succulents in unconventional containers here.) I'm still picking little splinters out of my fingers, so clearly I need to buy gardening gloves before I plant more cacti in the future... Pro Tip: paper towels do not substitue well for gardening gloves.

I love you Mr. Giraffe!!! (Seriously, I need a better name...)

I think I might have the cutest porch in the world now... at least the cutest porch in our apartment complex :)

Name ideas? Please share!