DIY Photo to Canvas Transfer

How many times will I start a blog with "this has been something I've been meaning to try for a long time from my DIY Projects to Tackle Pinterest board"? I'm sure it will be many more times. Sorry in advance - but not really because it's kind of super fun :)

I saw this adorable photo transfer technique on A Beautiful Mess a few weeks ago and just knew I had to go for it. I'm in constant awe of how simple yet thorough Elsie's tutorials are! Basically you use Gel Medium to transfer an image you've printed onto canvas! So it's like a painting! Any image you want!!! Visit A Beautiful Mess here for the full tutorial.

I chose three images and they all turned out pretty dang well if I do say so myself. The picture above is from when I made DIY Felt Coasters. That one below is of my cats. Of course. I know you're shocked I decided to transfer a photo of my cats.

I did all of my pictures in black and white for continuity, but I'm certain color would look amazing too. You could print patterns or anything really - what a great way to make your own version of this art wall (scroll down to the 4th image).

This picture of me hugging Mr. Giraffe was the only one that didn't turn out so well. All of the pictures have some spots that rubbed off/didn't transfer, but I don't mind because it gives them a vintagey look. Unfortunately this one rubbed off all over my face and ended up with a lot of ripples. I quickly learned that you shouldn't be afraid to really smooth out your paper (you'll see what I mean if you look at the tutorial).

One important thing to remember: the image goes on backwards! You don't have to worry about it for most pictures, but for pictures with words (like the coaster picture which says "I Like You" on it) make sure to print the image in reverse so the transfer will look right. You'll also notice that the canvas looks a little more yellow than the paper version of the image. I can't really tell when the canvas is by itself, but when you hold them next to each other it's noticeable - just FYI.

Here are all three together! I'm going to find some cool way to frame them together as a cute little set for the hallway.

Totally a project worth trying and one that I'm going to do again. Easy, cheap, and highly recommended. The gel medium is the most expensive part, but you'll have plenty left over to do more with it = bang for your buck. You think you might go for it?

Kristen from Disdain & Dismay shared two really helpful tips that I just had to add to this post:

"You can also do this with Mod Podge and Elmer's glue instead of gel medium. Coat your canvas in Elmer's glue, let it dry, then coat [your canvas] with Mod Podge. While the MP is still wet, press your print facedown onto the canvas. Let it dry again, then gently wet and peel off the paper. A little cheaper than the gel medium, and for me at least, it worked just as well.

You can also this exact same technique to print onto (unfinished) wood."

Photo transfer to wood - ohmygoshsoexcited! Thank you Kristen!!! PS She shared the tutorial where she first saw this alternative technique here.