Must Try: Bella Pop Photography Classes

You know why blogging is awesome? Because it connects you with awesome people. Case and point: Brandy from Bella Pop sent me an email a couple of months ago asking if I'd like to be in her "test class" for her new online Shooting in Manual Photography Class. Um... Yes!!

So here's the deal (for full disclosure), Brandy has several new photography classes, but she invited a little group of bloggers to be in her Shooting in Manual - Photo 101 test class in exchange for our feedback. Well my friends, Brandy is the real deal and so are her classes.

First of all, she's totally sweet and funny so learning from her is fun. Even all of the technical parts of learning to shoot in manual (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc) felt fresh and relevant!

Shooting in Manual - Photo 101 last for four weeks. Each week Brandy posts a new lesson full of really clear instruction via text and video. I found her videos especially helpful and a nice change of pace from classes where you just have to read a bunch. At the end of every lesson there is a small photo homework assignment that relates to the session topic. I don't know about you, but homework keeps me on track - so important. Does that make me a nerd? I don't care... :)

Anywho, you upload your homework to a private facebook page where you 1) get individual feed back from Brandy herself and 2) get to see the photos and feedback from your classmates! I learned a LOT from the facebook group, and Brandy's feedback was so so valuable.

So here's my recommendation: this is a super excellent class for anyone who wants to take their DSLR camera from auto to manual. (PS that's exactly when the photo magic starts.) By the end of four weeks you'll have all of the basic tools you need to start taking charge of how your photos look! Trust me, you're smarter than your camera, so don't let it tell you how to take photos for long ;).

If you're comfortable with manual, definitely look into other Bella Pop classes - I'm positive their worth the investment too. For those of you not interested in photography classes, be sure to at least check out the Bella Pop blog. It's chock full of adorable photos and great photography tips.

A huge thanks to Brandy for sharing this course with me: THANKS!!!!