Habit Buddies!

Something really special happened after I posted about using a Practice Snake to help form good habits the other day. Turns out, there are quite a few people out there pumped to work on some new habits!

(Me from day 1 and 2 of my practice snake)

Better yet? Several of us are coming together to tackle our habits as a team!! So today I'd like to do two things, 1) introduce you to those awesome ladies and 2) invite you to join us!

Leslie from Salvaged Spaces - 100 days of work on her blog
Amanda from Colorful Goth - 4 weeks of the gym/violin practice and 100 days of no clothes shopping
Ali from Internal Order - 100 days of flute practice and no clothes shopping
Brittany who's blogging all about her practice snake - 100 days of violin practice
Beth - 100 days of exercise
Heather - 100 days of piano/voice/gym/ and laundry management (epic - good luck lady!!)
Me :) - 100 days of cello practice

(Amanda and Brittany practicing)

So you see, people are doing all kinds of things with this little project. I'm so freaking excited!

To join forces with us, check out how the Habit Snake works here. Don't worry, you can change up the process in any way that works for you!  Use the hashtag #HabitBuddies on twitter or instagram to follow everyone's progress. Feel free to email me questions, pictures of your progress, or reach out for support. Let's team up and get sh*t done!

If you want your own practice snake, you can draw one, download one here, OR, you can visit Leslie's blog for a habit elephant!!! Not kidding - it's so good :)

To end with a moment of total honesty - the first two weeks of habit forming are scientifically proven to be the toughest. At least two of the people mentioned above (myself included) have already killed a snake since we started this shindig - hah! Be sure to set goals you can accomplish and don't worry if life interferes. Practice snakes are about the journey, so enjoy it!