DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Today I'm pretty excited to share an easy project that features one of my favorite things - mason jars! This was, as usual, a Pinterest find from my DIY Projects board that I've been meaning to try it forever, but all of my mason jars were vintage with glass tops. After I finally got my act together and bought a mason jar from Michaels for $1.29 the whole project only took me an hour!

The idea for this project comes from Deb of Just Short of Crazy, but the full tutorial is posted by her on Decor Adventures here. I'm not going to go through the hassle of posting my own step-by-step when Deb did such a good job of showing how to do it! The only small changes I had were...

Step Three: I had to use a hack saw and wire cutter to cut off the top of my plastic soap dispenser. It wasn't easy hah!
Step Five: Because my plastic insert fit really snuggly, I didn't need to glue it on - score!

And because before and afters are fun...

I started out with ordinary Method hand soap and ended up with this beauty!!

Now I'm itching to put all of my soaps in mason jars: face wash, dish soap, hand sanitizer... Pinterest for the win!! Think it's something you might try?


How lucky am I that this little project got done right in time for...

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