Memory Lane: My Apartment Tours

Renting always has its drawbacks, but the best part of being a renter by far is having the flexibility to move and try different types of living situations. I dream of owning my own house all. the time. But in the mean time, I'm really grateful for the space to experiment and learn about my style!

A fully furnished four bedroom/two bath was a perfect first apartment for me. As you can see, I was really excited to experiment with paint and spent forever painting comforter-inspired boxes on my walls. Epic. I'm really not into the design now, but it helped me learn a lot about how much paint could impact a room and my mood!

Can I also say, dang my photo skills have improved...
If you want to see more (bad) photos and a crazy funhouse panoramic view of the room you can here.

At 10x10 without a closet, my second apartment was an education in space planning. I painted the walls a fresh color, used a bed with storage, and a small desk to make this space work for my lifestyle and feel bigger.

You can see I got better at adjusting my camera's white balance too hah!
More information/pics from that apartment here for the curious at heart.

My all time favorite apartment, this 1920s two family house spoiled me rotten with beautiful hardwood floors, tons of light, and all around classic charm. I feel like I really started to harness my sense of style in this place with lots of DIY and one of a kind pieces.

Photo-wise, I discovered natural light!... and a talented friend... The first two pictures are her's (Kaitlin Moreno - check her out and change your world) and the last one is mine. More totally yummy apartment photos here.

Taking a major lifestyle risk, Tim and I moved into UCSD's grad housing this past year. Opting for the flexibility it offered (a month to month lease!) as opposed to other amenities like space and a dishwasher, this was the ideal place to start out after moving across the country from Boston to San Diego.

This apartment taught Tim and I to really tough lessons: how to downsize and how to live with white walls. To be honest, the learning process has been painful, but I'm so glad we've given it a go! You can also see how slowly collecting one-of-a-kind furniture has really paid off. Even though this apartment was originally super boring, we were able to give it some pretty quick style.

All of these photos are 100% mine, and I'm feeling pretty proud of how far I've come! I'm still working out lighting and staging details, but it's all just part of the journey! More apartment pictures here.

One of the coolest things about blogging is being able to have a post like this - I can see how far I've come all in the space of one blog post! Technology, I love you.

More apartments are sure to come, and being the blabber mouth I am, I'm sure to share them!
Do you take trips down memory lane? I'd love to see pictures of the houses you've lived in - feel free to share!