Little Spaces: the bathroom reveal

I've almost shared every room in my apartment with you lovely readers (my living room, bedroom, and spare bedroom, porch, and hallway), but I've been putting off the two trickiest rooms - the bathroom and kitchen.

Part of my procrastination is that I find these two rooms are difficult to "make my own." Any other renters feel my pain? Enough's enough. Time to share!

The biggest impact in this room has been hanging art. For some strange reason our shower is in a bathroom of its own. Strange, but it means I can hang whatever art I want in the toilet bathroom without worrying about steam damage.

Since I added string art to the spare bedroom, I moved the collection of orange framed art into the bathroom. I love how the size and color makes a big statement in such a small space.

(Yes, that's my failed drip art. I get to look at it every time I use the loo hah!)

Photo tips:
1. Bathrooms have a lot of reflective surfaces, so I made sure my flash was off. Never use flash in a bathroom!
2. Before I took any photos, I used custom white balance on my camera to compensate for the fluorescent lighting. Cameras see fluorescent lights as really yellow or green - yuck. Your camera might have a setting for fluorescent light, or you can often adjust white balance with photo editing software.
3. Bathrooms are often small, so be sure to experiment with tons of different angles. Finding the perfect one might be tricky!

So there's my bathroom! It's not glamourous, but I dig it. Hope you do too :)