My First Place

I was digging through my computer and happened to stumble upon pictures of my first apartment - Tampa, FL. Oh the memories… weekly wine tasting with my roomie, dealing with our other roomie’s dirty dishes, life without television, gunshots at night…

It actually wasn’t too bad of a place and I was able to really make it my own.
  • $351 a month including: 
  • electricity
  • water
  • cable/internet
  • central air
  • a private porch
  • on-suite laundry
  • my own room
  • an assigned parking spot
Boston, get your act together. This is real.

If it looks a little like a funhouse, it’s because in my young wisdom I spent hours pasting a bunch of pictures together to make these two.

As you can see, the room was inspired by my quilt. I still love the quilt and I was really proud of the room. My college friends all loved it :)

I had a huge mirrored closet, which I loved even though I know some people hate them. It made the room look a lot bigger, brighter, and was nice for getting ready. Many a fashion show before a party took place in front of that mirror.

The desk, bedframe, and chair by the keyboard were part of the apartment’s furnishings, but I used my own chair (inherited from my Grandfather - a red leather beauty), a vintage side table (inherited from my parents - not dead, but very generous), my keyboard for aural theory (I am a cellist after all), and added some Target floating shelves for height.

Probably my favorite item is what looks like 4 coke can airplanes. Bad news is there is actually only one. Good news is it’s just as cool as four.

So that’s it, my first try in my first place. Maybe someday I’ll show you my childhood bedroom. I think I might need a few drinks first ;)

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  1. I loved that room, and I fondly remember the fashion shows. And Nip/Tuck nights. And all-nighters to finish electronic music projects (okay so that was at ihop, but you get the idea)

    Man, I really miss living in the same city.