Homeless Housewares: Adopt a couch!

Blue Velvet Sofa - $75

Oh such a hot couch.  Love the tufting, love the velvet - oh so cozy and beautiful.  If a velvet couch wouldn't act as a giant lint roller for my cat's hair I would snatch it up today.  That and the fact that I'm moving cross country...

Oh oh, one red flag for all of you craigslisters out there - those sad little throws and blanket make me think there might be rips or damage.  Red flag...

If you list a couch like this - show off the tufting!!  If you want to buy a couch like this - ask about damage before you make a long drive to pick it up!

White Vanity - $50

Ohmygosh so cute.  So imagine: bright teal spray paint?  Such a happy piece :)

Art Deco Headboard - $20

This could be a great centerpiece for that special bedroom.  Tip: If you show up and this is ratty you can a) refinish if it's solid wood and the damage doesn't look too brutal or b) paint it with a couple of complementary tones that highlight the super great details!  AND you don't have to paint the whole thing - this kind of piece can totally handle a mix of wood tones and paint.

Mahogany Library Table - $175

Mmhm yes please.  This definitely has some damage so it needs the love of an owner with vision. Since this is solid wood, some elbow grease in the refinishing department would do wonders. Then again there's always paint. Bright pink??  Beautiful white?  White top with wood legs???

*to find these pieces search the Boston craigslist using the titles above.  Hopefully you can snatch these up before someone else does!

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  1. I can't wait till you guys stop by our apartment in Chicago and help us decorate! It's in serious need of inspiration ;)