Homeless Housewares: Adopt an armoire!

Mid Century Armoire - $425

This is a lot more pricey of an item than I would usually list, but I wanted to point it out for two reasons.  1) It's BEAUTIFUL.  I leurve the lime green on the inside.  Clearly this piece is in great shape and worth the price (though it's not a deal - it seems fair).   2) This is a great example of the kind of pictures you should use to sell your things.  Lots of bright light - stylist surroundings (cudos on the antlers) - and pictures that show both the sitting look and the beautiful inside details.  Well done seller.  Take note all.

Victorian Accent Chair - $50

Again a little more than I would spend, but fair if it's really that old.  This chair might be one that you'd overlook initially, but reupholstered in a nice modern fabric like this one (above right), it could look updated and so cute.  I would highly recommend doing the reupholstery yourself to save money.  Keep those awesome nailheads surrounding the seat and reuse them on your new fabric!

Wicker Drawer Tower - $30

Now for the real deals.  This is definitely a steal for this piece.  It cooould look really traditional and boring, but in the right space all of this texture could be the perfect touch.

Vintage Bowling Alley Benches - $150

Oh and the big finale.  Now THIS is an exciting find.  You would need enough space, but this could be a kitchen banquette dream.  $150 may seem like a lot at first, but when you think of the size and just raw material, it's totally a steal.  Trust me, just google kitchen banquette and you'll see how much those things can run.  I'm super jealous of whoever gets to take this one home...

*to find these pieces search the Boston craigslist using the titles above.  Hopefully you can snatch these up before someone else does!


  1. did you sell the bowling alley benches?? I've been looking for something JUST LIKE IT!!.. sorry, new to your site (love it though)

  2. Sorry, I don't sell bowling alley benches, I just found these on craigslist and thought they were super cool. Hopefully you can find some like it soon!!

    No need to ever apologize for being new! Welcome and enjoy! :)