Macrame Plant Hanger

With my surging interests in whicker, vintage inspired florals and (according to my sister) all things granny, I guess it's pretty predictable that I would feel the need for a little macrame in my life.

When I hung a beautiful stag horn fern in my dining nook corner, I tried my hand at a very temporary macramae hanger - a stand in while I looked for a vintage macrame hanger from etsy.

After a couple of weeks of occasionally perusing etsy I still hadn't found the perfect plant hanger for the perfect price. So... I decided to make my own!

I didn't use any particular methods or patterns, I just looked at a lot of photos then went for it! I did research a few knots to use. The best resource I found was Free-Macrame-Patterns.com. The site is a little... out of date, but it's a GREAT resource! Here's a link to all of the knots >>> here.

The dining nook is turning into one of my favorite rooms in the whole apartment. In fact, it's probably time for a good ole before and after with that space... I'll get on that ;)

Any macrame experts out there?