Martha Stewart Inspired Friendship Keyring

Last week the kind people at Martha Stewart sent me a copy of the July/August Martha Stewart Living Magazine. It is PACKED with inspiration! One feature in particular caught my eye - an updated take on friendship bracelets.

I'm totally one of those girls who made friendship bracelets for all. of. her. friends. That's probably why I was so cool in elementary school (read not cool, but very crafty).

I decided to use my friendship bracelet skills enthusiasm to make a friendship keyring. I started with three 80 inch strands folded in half around the key ring - two cotton strands and one straw twine. I chose the mix of cotton and straw because I liked how the fibers looked together, but if I had to do it again, I would choose strands of the same stiffness - the straw twine was a little tricky to work with.

I started with a regular ole knot then followed the Martha Stewart Living instructions for a quarter inch of chinese staircase. Then I did a few rounds of the chevron pattern. Once I had enough of that, I divided the six strands in two and did two braids. I ended the whole bit with another basic knot, snipped the extra twine, then unwound the strands that made up the tail, so they would be more fluffy.

It was super fun to tinker with friendship bracelets in a fresh new way - so much nostalgia! I'm glad the Martha Stewart Living magazine reminded me of how great these little knots were. Any avid friendship braceleters out there?