Polka Dot Bathroom Reveal

Today I'd like to welcome you to the little half bath on the first floor of our apartment!

The bathroom was never really a "problem" space, but it was super fun to add some touches of our personalities. Before and after...

With a fresh coat of paint, a few accessories, and cute gold dot decals, this room looks totally fresh. So far, I've only put dots on the back wall. I don't want them to be too overwhelming when you're in there, but it could be fun to dot up another wall... We shall see!

Paint Color: Eon by Behr
Gold Dot Decals - Walls Need Love
Wicker Magazine Rack - Carlsbad Village Art and Antique Mall
Wicker Toilet Paper Holder - Target
Vintage Hand Towels - Thrifted and Estate Sale
Crate Wall Shelf - DIY
Cross Stitch QR Code - DIY
Cat's Pajamas Art - The Black Apple on Etsy
Trash Can - Target
Soap Pump - Target

In my humble opinion, every bathroom with guest access should have a few things: soap and towels, extra toilet paper, a plunger, and some kind of air freshener. I won't go into details but NOBODY wants to be caught without these things if they need them. Fun reading material is a bonus.

That's it! Small but full of fun. So help a girl out, should I add some more dots or is enough enough?